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Jejamuran Bumbu Brongkas 170 gr


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Brongkos is a Javanese spicy meat and beans stew, specialty of Yogyakarta and other cities in Central Java, Indonesia. Brongkos stew should not be confused with the similarly named brengkes—the Javanese name for pepes which is food cooked in banana leaf package.

Jejamuran creates a creation of mushroom-based cuisine cooked with brongkos seasoning. Suitable for those of you who are vegetarian.

Ingredients : mushrooms (59%), coconut milk (29%), seasoning (15%)(onions, garlic, whole chillies, bay leaves, orange leaves, galangal, kluwak, lemongrass, sugar, salt, hazelnut, pepper)

exp date : 11-03-2022

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