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BAMBOE Premium Bakmoy 130 gr Lengkap Dengan Bumbu Kuah da Sambal Petis


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Bakmoy is a rice dish topped with soup, soy sauce chicken, and Sambal, with the occasional addition of quail eggs. It is a Chinese-influenced dish that has been adapted to local flavors. Bakmoy rice is particularly popular in Java, specifically in West Java, Central Java, and East Java. It offers a savory and slightly sweet taste. Bamboe Premium Taste includes the seasoning for the soup, chicken fillet, and Sambal, providing a complete flavor of Bakmoy.

Ingredients : Sweet soy sauce (contains soy) (20%), garlic (15,2%), sugar, salt, soy sauce (contains soy, flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate, preservative sodium benzoate) (5%), vegetable oil, white pepper (1%). BROTH SPICE MIX garlic (11%), salt, sugar, ginger (5%) vegetable oil. SAMBAL black shrimp paste (4%), chilli (3%), vegetable oil, shrimp paste. May contains allergen

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