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BEST WOK Fried Noodle 85 gr (BEST WOK Mie Goreng Original 85 gr)



Noodles : wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, stabilizer (sodium polyphosphate, guar gum), developer (potassium carbonate, sodium carbonate). Spices: sugar (contains sulfite preservatives), spices, chicken synthetic flavors, vegetable protein hydrolysate, anti-kempal, natural IV caramel dye. Seasoning oil: vegetable oil, onion, garlic. Sweet soy sauce: sugar, soy, water, salt, natural dye (caramel III ammonia process, caramel IV ammonia sulfite process), sodium benzoate preservative, acidity regulator, xanthan gom stabilizer. Chili Sauce : water, chili, sugar, thickener dipati adipat terramethox distillation, salt, ketchup, flavor booster mononatrium glutamate, garlic, acid acidity regulator acetic acidity, preservatives (sodium benzoate, sodium metabisulphyte) fried onions: onions, vegetable oil. Contains allergens, see the list of ingredients in bold


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