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BIHUNKU Instant Spicy Sour 55 gr (BIHUNKU Instant Asam Pedas 55 gr)

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Vermicelli : Corn Starch, Rice, Tapioca Starch, Vegetable Emulsifier, Vegetable Thickener, Phosphate Stabilizer.

Seasonings : Sugar, Salt, Tomyam Synthetic Flavor (Contains Natural Caramel IV Dye), Glutamate Mononatrium Flavor Booster, Vegetable Creamer, Shrimp Powder, Acidity Regulator, Dried Leek, Chili Powder, Inosinate and Guanilat Dinatrium Flavor Booster.

Seasoning Oil : Vegetable Oil, Tomyam Spice, TBHQ Antioxidants.

Chili Powder



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