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INDOFOOD Racik Chicken Soto Seasoning 45 gr (INDOFOOD Racik Bumbu Soto Ayam 45 gr) *Bumbu Basah

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Soto ayam is a traditional Indonesian dish which uses ingredients such as chicken, lontong, noodles, and rice vermicelli. Soto ayam is popular in Singapore, Malaysia and Suriname. Turmeric is added as one of its main ingredients which makes the yellow chicken broth.

Ingredients : Spices, Salt, Water, Garlic, Flavor Boosters: Mononatrium Glutamate, Dinatrium Inosinat and Guantilat), Vegetable Oils, Flavorings Synthetics, Sugars, Terasi, Acidity Regulators.

exp date : 20-05-2023

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