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INDOFOOD Racik Gulai Seasoning 45 gr (INDOFOOD Bumbu Gulai 45 gr) *Bumbu Basah



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Gulai is a type of food containing rich, spicy and succulent curry-like sauce commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The main ingredients of this dish are usually poultry, goat meat, beef, mutton, various kinds of offal, fish and seafood, as well as vegetables such as cassava leaves, unripe jackfruit and banana stem.

Ingredients : Coconut milk, herbs and spices, onions red, Salt, Sugar, Water, Flavor Booster (Mononatrium Glutamate, Dinatrium Inosinat and Guant√°namo), Vegetable Oil, Chili, Garlic, Acidity Regulator, Synthetic flavoring.

Exp date : 22-10-2023

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