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INDOMIE Instant Noodle Aceh 90 gr (INDOMIE Mie Goreng Aceh 90 gr)


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Mie Aceh is like the western way of Chinese takeaway chow mein with slices of beef, goat meat or seafood (crab, shrimp and/or squid).

MIE: Wheat flour, vegetable oil, tapioca flour, salt, pesticides, acidity regulators, minerals, antioxidants, dyes (tartrazine CI19140). BUMBU: Salt, sugar, flavor enhancers Monosodium glutamate, sodium inomate & guanylate, bbk curry, bbk-garlic, bbk-onions, cow-synthetic flavor, bbk tomatoes, yeast extract and vitamins. FRIED ONIONS. OIL: Vegetable oil and aceh fried noodle flavor. SOY SAUCE. CHILI SAUCE


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