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Kiranti Sehat Datang Bulan Orange 150 ml

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KIRANTI SEhat Datang Bulan Orange 150ML is a healthy natural drink efficacious with acidic turmeric content with 100% fresh turmeric and other natural ingredients of choice, with the addition of 1 original orange for a fresher taste efficacious to relieve pain from the problem of monthly period of the woman.

Ingredients : Curcume domesticoe rhizoma (turmeric) 12g, tamarindi indica pulp (tamarind) 0.1g, cowmpferiae galangae rhizoma (kencur) 2.5g, arengae pinnata fructose (Javanese sugar) 2g, zingiberis officinalis rhizoma (ginger) cupana semen (pagua3r)., cinnamoni burmanli cartex (cinnamon) 0,1 g, orange concentrate (orange concentrate) 18,5 g, curcumonoid (curcumin) 0,25 g, Pandani amaryllifolius folium (Pandan) 0,25, water/water and other ingredients up to 150 ml.

Exp date : 18-02-2022

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