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KOBE White Flour 75 gr (KOBE Tepung Putih 75 gr)



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Tepung bumbu putih that can process a variety of cooking dishes into a more practical, starting from chewing, crunching, to thicken. Made with a special formula blend and selected natural spices, so this spice flour is a must have in your mother’s kitchen as a daily cooking provision. KOBE White Seasoned Flour is the right choice for mothers who want a simple cooking process, but still produce delicious dishes. Being able to process complex dishes into simpler ones, such as various fried foods, tofu meatballs, cream soup, capcay, stir-fried kale, and cireng rice snacks can be served using this spiced flour.

Ingredients :

Tapioca Flour (78.94%), Rice Flour (15%), Flavor Enhancer (Mononatrium L-Glutamate (2.78 %), Disodium 5′ – Inosinate (0.075 %), Disodium 5′ – Guanylate(0.75%)), Salt (2.78%), White Pepper Powder (0.25%), Nutrneg Essential Oil (0.06%).


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