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KOKITA Inti D Garlic Basic Seasoning 50 gr (KOKITA Bumbu Inti D Bahan Dasar Bawang Putih 50 gr)

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Kokita Essential Seasoning D (Bumbu Inti D Kokita) for stir-fried dishes is an essential seasoning to prepare Indonesian stir-fried dishes dishes, mainly consisting of garlic, added with white pepper, and other spices. Various stir-fried dishes, can be made by only adding the particular spices of a certain dish.

Ingredients : 40% garlic, tomato, vegetable oil, salt, white pepper, modified starch, sugar, hydrolysed vegetable protein, acidity regulator, vegetable emulsifier, flavor enhancer, (disodium inosinate and guanylate), antioxidant (ascorbyl palmitate and tocopherol).

exp date : 24-08-2022


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