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MOMMY Seblak Instant Pecel Flavor 100 gr (MOMMY Seblak Pecel 100 gr)


exp date : 14-12-2022


Seblak is an Sundanese savoury and spicy dish, originating from the Sundanese region in West Java, Indonesia. Made of wet krupuk cooked with protein sources in spicy sauce. Seblak is a specialty of Bandung city, West Java, Indonesia. Seblak can be acquired from restaurants, warungs or gerobak street vendors. It is one of the most popular street foods in Indonesia, especially in Bandung and Jakarta.

Ingredients : crackers: Tapioca flour, garlic, salt seasoning: onion, garlic, red pepper, peanuts, kencur, sugar, salt, beef flavoring, vegetable oil appendages: tempeh keremes, dried vegetables

exp date : 14-12-2022

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