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SAJIKU Tepung Serbaguna 80 gr


exp date : 01-06-2022

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SAJIKU 80gr All-Purpose Spice Flour is a versatile spice flour offering Sajiku made from quality ingredients, so it is safe to consume. This item makes fried food delicious and easy to make more crispy, crunchy and also a steady taste. Then, this item has a savory, delicious, and delicious taste.

Composition : Wheat flour, tapioca flour, salt, flavour enhancers (monosodium glutamate, 5 ribonucleotide disodium), garlic, onions, sodium bicarbonate developer, curry powder, hydrolyzed soy protein (contains the flavor enhancer 5 inosinate disodium), synthetic flavors (pepper, garlic), white pepper.

exp date : 01-06-2022

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