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SALONPAS Linimat 30 ml



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Salonpas Liniment relaxes tired muscles and promote their regeneration. Contains the highest quality essential oils are absorbed through the skin and thus exert a stimulating and activating effect on the muscles. Salonpas Liniment for relief of aches and pains associated with: muscular pains joint pains rheumatism stiff shoulders neck pains.

Composition :

dl-Camphor 0.9000g

I-Methol 1.6200 g

Methyl Salicylate 1.5840 g

Thymol 0.1500 g

Mantha Oil 0.0300 g

Tocopherol Acetate 0.0300 g

Nonylic Acid Vanilylamide 0.0036 g

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