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SAORI Teriyaki Sauce 275 ml (SAORI Saus Teriyaki 275 ml)



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Teriyaki sauce is a japanese sauce that is very popular and worldwide. The unique taste makes this one sauce favored by many people. Teriyaki sauce is usually used to cook meat. But not only meat, teriyaki sauce can also be used for other types of cuisine.

Composition: water, sugar, soy sauce ( contains natural dye caramel III), salt, ginger, garlic, thickener ( dipati adipat teretilasi, gom xanthan), flavor booster ( mononatrium glutamate, dinatrium 5 ribonucleotide), soy protein hydrogenated ( contains dinatrium flavor booster 5 inosinat), potassium sorbat preservatives, citric acid acid acid regulator, artificial sweeteners sucralose.


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