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Tolak Angin Flu – Indonesian Herbal Syrup For Cold Treatment 12 Sachets @ 15ml Sidomuncul Tolak Angin Flu herbal medicine that contains extracts of natural ingredients that can treat flu and colds due to rain, lack of sleep, or too tired of symptoms, such as nausea, flatulence, headache, dry throat, feverish body, and fever.

Each 15 ml consists of Tolak Angin Flu extract 4.9 g (Fenelic oil,/Foeniculli Fructus 10%) Wood Ules/Isorae Fructus 10% Clove Leaves/Caryophylli Folium 10% Ginger/Zingiberis Rhizoma 10% Mint Leaves/Menthae Arvensitis Herb 10%) Phyllanthi Herb Extract 100 mg Valerianae Radix Extract 100 mg Echinacea Extract 100 mg Ginseng Extract 100 mg Fructose Sucrose Honey

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