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Blue Band Original is a medium fat spread that can be used for spreading, cooking and baking. Blue Band Original contains 6 good start vitamins and Omega 3 & 6 for the growth and development of you and your children. Blue Band Spread for Bread is a low-fat spread which is suitable for spreading only.

Vegetable Oil, Water, Salt, Natural Flavoring Butter (contains milk, antioxidant d-alpha tocopherol), Vegetable Emulsifier Monodiglycerides (contains antioxidant alpha tocopherol, ascorbil palmitat), Potassium Preservative Sorbat, Acidity Regulator (Trinatrium Citrate, Citric Acid), Synthetic Flavor butter, Antioxidants (BHA &BHT), Natural Dye Beta Carotene CI 40800 (contains antioxidant dl-alpha tocopherol), Calcium Dinatrium EDTA.



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Blue Band

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