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KOBE Fried Banana Flour 75 gr (KOBE Tepung Pisang Goreng 75 gr)



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Kobe Crispy Fried Banana Flour is one of the highly recommended flours to make fried bananas that Crispy. Fried banana flour dough is made from 100% natural ingredients without preservatives and enriched with the composition of the right ingredients and natural vanilla aroma. This flour is made from a blend of flour and selected natural ingredients. From these natural ingredients will produce delicious and crispy fried banana Crispy. In addition, this quality flour can also make processed bananas have a crunchy and fluffy flour, but still feel soft, sweet and crispy on the tongue. Not only suitable for fried bananas, this flour is also suitable for use to cook a variety of delicious desserts and also various fruits such as, jackfruit, apples, yams, tape or taro.

Ingredients: wheat flour, tapioca flour, rice flour, caster sugar, salt, vanilla, synthetic flavor, raising agent ( sodium bicarbonate).


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