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A Kluwek nut is about the size of a chicken egg, though somewhat more irregular in shape. The shell is thin and a dark brown-gray color. Before processing, the nuts are white. Once Kluwek has been processed, it turns dark brown to black and has a paste-like texture with a high oil content. The aroma is smoky, pungent, and woody and the flavor is also smoky and reminiscent of almonds. Kluwek nuts are usually boiled, then mixed with ashes and banana leaves and buried for a month to 40 days to ferment. If preparing at home, they should be boiled to ensure all toxins are eliminated. Kluwek nuts are featured in a number of traditional foods in Indonesia. On the island of Java, the nuts are used to make picungan, a fermented fish dish, and rawon, a beef curry. In Bali, it is a key ingredient in the condiment called sambal pangi. Immature Kluwek is used in the Indonesian side dish called sayor lodeh. Oil from the Kluwek seed can also be used for cooking instead of coconut oil, though it has a short shelf life.

Ingredients : kluwek nuts


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RAPINDO Kluwek Nuts 100 gr (RAPINDO Kluwek 100 gr)

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