SAORI Oyster Sauce 270 ml (SAORI Saus Tiram 270 ml)



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Saori Oyster Flavored Sauce is specially made from the finest oyster extracts. With its rich oyster taste, this all-purpose seasoning sauce enhances the taste and appearance of any dish Halal Certified Product of Indonesia.

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Oyster Extract, Salt, Flavor Enhancer (monosodium glumate, 5 ribonucleotide disodium), thickener (acetylated adipate, xanthan gum), hydrolyzed soy protein (contains 5 inosinate disodium flavor enhancer), lactic acid acid regulator, dye class IV caramel, preservative potassium sorbate, mono emulsifier and fatty acid diglycerides, soybean oil.



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