ABC Instant Cup Noodle Soto Chicken 60 gr (ABC Mie Instant Rasa Soto Ayam 60 gr)



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60gr beef baso flavored ABC cup noodles present a taste that is suitable for consumption with family. The chewy texture of noodles also makes this ABC product not easily expand. In addition, this noodle also contains vitamin C, calcium, and iron in each pack.

Ingredients :

Noodles : wheat flour, palm oil, salt, acidity regulator (E500,E501), stabilizer (E452), thickener (E412), color (E160a).

Seasoning : salt, sugar, flavor enhancer (E621), artificial beef flavor (contains soybean, celery), pepper powder, garlic powder, onion powder, soy sauce powder (contains soybean), color (E150d), chili powder.

Dehydrated vegetables : carrot, leak, modified soy protein.

Oil : palm oil, onion.


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