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INDOFOOD RACIK Fried Rice Seasoning 20 gr (INDOFOOD RACIK Bumbu Nasi Goreng 20 gr) *Bumbu Kering


exp date : 31-11-2022

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Nasi goreng or Fried Rice is a Southeast Asian fried rice dish, usually cooked with pieces of meat and vegetables. One of Indonesia’s national dishes, it is also endemic in Malay-speaking communities in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, and has gained popularity in Sri Lanka through migrations from the Malay Archipelago, in countries like Suriname via Indonesian immigrant communities, and in the Netherlands through its colonial ties with Indonesia.

Ingredients : Salt, sugar, dextrin, flavor booster (mononatrium glutamate, dinatrium inosinat and guantate), spices (contains shallots, garlic(, a natural identical flavoring mixture (contains eggs), soy sauce powder (contains soybeans), grade IV caramel natural dye, meat chicken.

exp date : 31-11-2022

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