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KOKITA Spicy Sweet Soy Sauce 330 ml (KOKITA Kecap Sambal 330 ml)



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KOKITA KECAP SAMBAL HOT: This is a thick sweet sambal with added hot chili flakes. We use this to make delicious peanut satay sauce. Simply heat the peanut butter and thin with water then add the kecap sambal to taste. You need to stir this constantly while making it, but it is well worth it!

Ingredients : Soy sauce (57%), red chilli (17%), fructosa, bird eye chilli, fried onion, soy sauce powder, stabilizier, preservative sodium benzoate, vegetable emulsifier, flavour enhancer( disodium 5 inosinate & disodium 5 guanylate), antioxidant (ascorbyl palmitate & tocopherol).


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