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LEMONILO Instant Fried Noodles 80 g (LEMONILO Mie Goreng 80 gr)

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Lemonilo instant noodles are made with vegetable essence and from mocaf flour processed by Indonesian farmers. Different from the others, Lemonilo instant noodles are made by baking process, not fried so that the boiled water is clear and certainly without artificial flavor boosters, preservatives, and dyes.

Ingredients :

Noodles : Wheat flour, Mocaf flour, salt, spinach essence (0.04%), chlorophyll, stabilizer ( Gum Arabic), sodium carbonate developer.

Seasoning : salt, sugar, garlic ( 0.5%), onion powder (0.5%), chicken stock (0.11%)

Chili powder : chili powder (0.3%)

onion oil : vegetable oil, shallot ( 1.9%)

Sweet soy sauce : sugar, water, salt, black soybeans.

Exp Date : 11-12-2023

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